Group Mentoring (Starting in October 2024)

What is Group Mentoring Day?

Welcome to a transformative experience designed to elevate your personal and spiritual journey with Jesus Christ! Our "Unlock Your Prophetic Giftings" Group Mentoring Day brings together a seasoned mentor and a group of motivated individuals for a day of inspiration, learning, and connection! 

Lets Grow Together!

$65 USD

My main mission is to help you unlock your spiritual gifts and help you draw closer to the LORD.

It's Going to Work Like This
Registration Forms

We are going to take advantage of the session minute by minute, so I will ask you to fill out an registration form prior our meeting. This way, I will have a record of who will be participating.

Video call

During our Zoom call, my colleague Myles and I are committed to actively listening to you and providing guidance on areas for improvement, necessary tools, and strategies to optimize your prophetic gifts and strengthen your relationship with the LORD.

Full Day Mentoring Session

The Group Mentoring day is a one-day event designed to foster your growth and development, helping you expand and enhance the gifts that God has bestowed upon you.